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Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
    • Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
    • Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
    • Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
    • Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
    • Classic portable outdoor Car shelter
Product Details

Classic portable outdoor Car shelter details:

Type: Garages, Canopies & Carports

Model Number:XY-SC 12'x16'/20'/24'/28'/32'/ x7'

Frame Material:Metal

Metal Type:Steel

Frame Finishing:Hot Gavlanized

Pressure Treated Wood Type:Nature

Sail Material:PE

Sail Finishing:UV coated

Product Name:Outdoor PE Waterproof Car Canopy Carport

Frame:Hot Galvanized Steel Tube

Material:PE Coated polyester Fabric

Feature:Waterproof UV-resistance Flame Retardant

Size:12'x16'/20'/24'/28'/32'/ x7'

Application:Outdoor, Storage,


Size list of Classic portable outdoor Car shelter

Model WidthLengthOver HeightClearancesurface treating Specification ofSpecification of
FeetmmFeetmmFeetmmFeetmmpipes(MM)PE fabric
 Classic 11113353 82438 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 123658 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 164877 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 206096 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 247315 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 288534 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 329754 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 3610973 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 4012192 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ
113353 4012192 8'4''2540 6'6''1981 Powder coated or Galvanized φ31.8,φ25.4 5.65OZ/8OZ

Packaging Details:

Classic portable outdoor Car shelter

Packing: Carton/box/door in PE Bag 

Application models For your car, boat,warehouse 

Feature 1: Easy to install. 

2: Hot galvanized pipes, 

3:UV- polyethylene protected tarp


shanghai,any port in China

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