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Pool Winter Cover
    • Pool Winter Cover
    • Pool Winter Cover
    • Pool Winter Cover
Product Details

Product Description:

Leaf pool cover is a special type of cover with the primary purpose of "keeping leaves out of your pool".

This type of cover is typically not considered a "safety" cover unless it is installed over a pool safety net (more on this later).
Leaf pool covers are made from a tightly knitted polyethylene material that allows rainwater to easily pass through, while filtering out leaves and debris.
Other names include "leaf nets", "leaf catchers", "pool leaf covers" and "leaf pool tarps".

There are some "leaf covers" on the market that are rectangular and made from a very thin, cheap material.


The easy solution for winter cover clean-ups! If your pool is surrounded by heavy tree cover or collects a mass of rotting leaves and debris, our leaf catcher is the solution! Simply lay the Leaf Catcher on top of your winter cover before leaves begin to drop and lift off when the trees are bare, and your winter cover will be virtually free of leaves next spring! No more messy, decaying leaves submerged on your cover! Made from durable knitted polyethylene. Comes complete with fastening loops, wire cable and metal winch for securing leaf catcher to pool. Cover color is black. Order based on pool size.


Details &Application:

Leaf Catcher's mesh webbing catches any leaves and debris before they get on your cover. Simply remove in early October and your pool will be virtually free of leaves and debris next spring. Great for pools with heavy tree cover.

*Protects your pool liner from debris


*Great for use during spring and fall


*Protects your pump from possible burn out due to clogging from leaves and debris


*Specifically sized for Kayak Pools



100% Virgin HDPE + UV


Black, white, red, blue or customiezed color






3-5 years


Agriculture Usage



Using life:

5 years

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