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How to calculate the area of outdoor double Car shelter

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In fact, many people have a vague concept in their hearts, but there is no specific quantification. Before that, let's say two nouns, one is the area occupied, the other is the expansion area, which is well understood literally. The area occupied is the shadow area. The calculated vertical area, then the expansion area is different. The actual area of the special outdoor double Car shelter film cloth is calculated.

outdoor double Car shelter.jpg

This should be very clear, so our hearts are also very clear that the expansion area must be greater than or equal to the area occupied, then how much is the extent, depending on the outdoor double Car shelter, flat-roofed outdoor double Car shelter, the difference between the two areas of data will be much smaller, but if it is outdoor double Car shelter. If shed, then the difference between the two areas is a lot, sometimes it can form multiple difference, why?

outdoor double Car shelter

We all know that tensioning membrane is a cable passing through the edge, pulling out several corners and fixing them on different heights, which will form a high-low drop. This drop looks very beautiful, and the relative expansion area will be much larger, because in the shadow of the area occupied, in fact, many overlaps are not vertical.

In this way, the size of the difference between the two areas is actually based on the shape of the outdoor double Car shelter, and the quotation is based on the size, so it is important to consider the front thing when choosing the shape of the outdoor double shed that you want to make.

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